MoodRx releases platform to prevent mental health therapists from being gouged by the marketplace

MoodRx Editorial Staff
3 min readOct 16


Student loans, burnout at work, healthcare costs, regulatory compliance, paperwork overhead, inflation, and the mental health crisis are just a few of the current challenges faced by mental health therapists in the U.S. Exacerbating these challenges is the cost, time, and energy required for various tools and resources that allow clinicians to operate their practices effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s directory listings to engage prospective clients, practice management systems to secure HIPAA compliant software and manage caseloads, the supervision of pre-licensed clinicians, or telehealth platforms for virtual based therapy, therapists are inundated with software expenses to meet the evolving needs of the mental health profession. Unfortunately for therapists, these different software solutions do not often interface with one another. As a result, many therapists express frustration with monthly or annual subscription costs across multiple software programs that do not meet their collective needs.

To address these needs, MoodRx has developed a single platform solution that aims to remove barriers faced by therapists at minimal or no cost to the provider. Through MoodRx, therapists are charged $0.50 per appointment on the platform. Irrespective of the number of clients within their caseload or number of appointments scheduled, the therapist receives access to the following features at zero cost:

  • Directory listing for their practice.
  • Group listings, so they can offer group sessions to clients.
  • Supervision management platform for interns and pre-licensed clinicians.
  • Telehealth platform access with our HIPAA compliant partner.
  • No upcharge on Stripe credit card fees beyond what Stripe charges.
  • Generative AI tool access to help reduce paperwork overhead.
  • Secure cloud document storage for session documents.
  • Patient portal for easy access to appointments, billing, messaging, and session documents.
  • No monthly or annual subscription fees or contracts.

If the therapist schedules one appointment per week with 10 clients, they would only pay a total of $5.00 to MoodRx for all the features detailed above. This cost comes to an estimated 50–80% or more of weekly savings compared to other platforms, dependent upon the number of digital resources accessed by the therapist (estimated savings based on current weekly cost of leading practice management software subscriptions, a popular video-based chat platform and a therapy directory listing service).

MoodRx recognizes the impact of the national therapist shortage and the growing mental health crisis. As the mental health field continues to navigate these obstacles, MoodRx aims to create greater accessibility to meet the needs of those seeking mental health support while providing therapists autonomy to establish their own caseload and schedule without the burden of high cost. can be used by an independent practitioner or a group practice and there is no additional charge for non-clinical administrators to support operations within any type of private practice. You are only charged 50 cents per appointment! There is no limitation or charge for number of therapists, pre-licensed clinicians, admins, or patients on the platform.

At MoodRx, we also believe that new graduates, interns, pre-licensed clinicians, and those therapists who are looking to work part-time to maintain a work-life balance, should have access to the same tools that large practices and organizations do. The MoodRx platform on average will save a therapists 20–60% overhead time by offering streamlined navigation, AI assisted notes, letters, and other documents to save time, so therapists can spend more time on delivering therapy.

We believe in the power of the therapist and the therapeutic alliance. We leverage technology to enable human therapists, not replace them. We are a company founded by a practicing mental health provider and we strive to identify opportunities to support therapists in addressing the mental health challenges experienced by our communities. If you are a licensed mental health provider with an active U.S. state license, please join MoodRx to lower your costs and overhead with a more affordable alternative and a state-of-the-art platform at

Join now and receive 90 days free* on the platform.

*50 cent per appointment fee will be waived. Stripe processing fees cannot be waived if you choose to use stripe for billing within MoodRx. No credit card or payment required to enroll.